Our Council

“We are answering Pope Francis’ call to go to the peripheries,” Supreme Knight Carl Anderson said. “We can reach half way around the globe to help those in need and we can reach to our neighbor next door. And we do that every day. That makes us witnesses to the faith.”

Every day, St. Leo Knights of Columbus follows the principles of Father Michael McGivney’s in reaching out to Church, Community, Family and Youth.

Becoming a member of our Council creates the opportunity to make new friends within the community and contribute to/or create, projects that are important to you within the parish. In addition there are many ways to socialize with members and parishioners such as Knights Breakfasts, Golf Events, Softball Tournaments, Spaghetti Dinner, Valentines Dance and many more fun events.

We also participate in a variety of school events supporting children from the ages 9 to 17 in annual events such as Basketball free throw and Substance Abuse Poster competitions.


25 Year Award – 1

25 Year Award – 2